Trash Collection Services

Residential Collection Schedule

Day of Pickup
3-Yard Container Collection
Green Polycart Collection
Monday 11th to Tucker
Railroad to north side of  town
Tuesday 7th to 11th and east section of town
Railroad to south side of town
Wednesday 7th to Railroad
Thursday Railroad to south edge of town Railroad to north side of town
Railroad to south side of town

Commercial Trash Collection

All commercial containers are emptied on certain days that are scheduled by the vendor.

Holiday Schedule

Please watch the local newspaper, cable Channel 15 and the City of Liberal's Facebook page for holiday pickup schedules.

Solid Waste Department

Services that we perform and programs offered:

1. Garbage Service- 95 gal. Poly-Cart residential collected twice a week to be by the curb 7:00 am.
2. Garbage Service- 3yd. containers for Commercial business Monday-Saturday.
3. Tree Hauling Service- Site visit by the supervisor or designated person. Charges by volume.
4. Roll-Off Containers- 20YD, 30YD, 40YD & Compactors delivered and hauled for a fee.
5. Special Pick-up Bulky Items- such as couches, chairs, mattresses, metal & appliances for a fee. 
6. Recycling Center 24/7 days a week, LARGE trucks & trailers Only Mon-Fri, 7am-3pm.
7. FREE COUPON- (YOU HAUL PROGRAM) year round GIVE US CALL @ (620) 626-0136.
8. Spring Time- Landfill Pass Commerical & Residential printed on water bill in April-June.

Services performed and receiving the most calls:  

1. Delivering roll-off containers.
2. Call in for extra 3yd. dumps.
3. Calls for dumpsters & cart repairs.
4. Clean-up calls where rubbish has been dumped in alleys.
5. Calls for special events in our community.
6. Call from community where graffiti has been painted on 3yd's.

Services we do NOT perform, (BUT) try to help when we can:

1. Weeds- Code Enforcement.
2. Potholes- Street Department.
3. Tress from storms on front streets- Street Department.
4. Dead animals in alley's or on street- Animal Control
5. We do NOT trim trees, except to clear for trash trucks. 
6. We DON'T go on personal property to cut trees or haul rubbish out.
7. We DON'T haul hazard materials, such as paint, chemical drums, combustible liquids or any other 
flammable. Call Seward County Landfill (620) 626-3266.

CONTACT US AT (620)626-0136.