License & Permit Applications

  1. Adult Entertainment & Club Licenses

    Check out the requirements and application process for Adult Entertainment Licenses and Club Licenses.

  2. Alcohol Licenses

    Find out how to obtain a license for a liquor store or drinking establishment.

  3. Amusement Licenses

    Apply for a Carnival License, Rodeo License, Street Fair License, and more.

  4. Business Licenses

    If you conduct any business within the City limits, you must obtain a City business license.

  5. Golf Cart Permit

    The owner of every golf cart operated on the streets of the City shall register their golf cart annually with the City Clerk.

  6. Pawnbroker & Solicitor Licenses

    Pawnbrokers and solicitors must register with the City of Liberal.

  7. Taxi Cab Licenses

    Check out the requirements for taxi cab drivers in the City of Liberal.