Commercial Beautification

About the Program
Established on October 25, 2005, the Commercial Beautification Program seeks to provide funds for specific commercial property beautification projects in Liberal, Kansas. This program refers to the area between the businesses and road. Improvements must not be attached to the building. Types of eligible improvements include:
  • Furnishings and accessories
  • Irrigation
  • Landscaping
  • New sidewalks
  • Plant material
Businesses will be reimbursed from the City of Liberal at the rate of 20% of the total cost, not to exceed $4,000.

Application Process

Applicants must provide the information listed below and follow all criteria as specified:
  • The project must be a commercial property with frontage on or along a major thoroughfare.
  • The applicant must identify the nature, scope, and location of the project.
  • The applicant must provide a detailed landscape plan, expenditure outline, maintenance budget and provide a irrigation/water plan, if applicable.
  • The project must comply with state and local codes and ordinances.
  • The application and plans must be approved by City of Liberal, Building Department, and the Code Enforcement Department to assure compliance with those regulations that apply.
  • The project must conform and be compatible with any long-term master plan.
  • Beautification projects must be for existing landscapes. Newly constructed businesses will not qualify.
City staff will recommend eligible projects to the City Commission for their approval and reimbursement. The City Commission will have the ultimate authority to accept or reject any projects.