Sales Tax Initiative
In 1995, the citizens of Liberal voted a 1% sales tax initiative for 7 years, to accomplish special items throughout the community. At the end of the 7 years, it was reinstated by a vote of the citizens for another 10 years. This sales tax is split into 5 different categories:
  • 50% to Streets, Drainage, and Capital Improvement
  • 25% to Economic Development
  • 10% to Housing
  • 10% to Crime Prevention
  • 5% to Beautification
Keeping Liberal Beautiful
The Beautification Department is committed to making Liberal a beautiful place to live. The Commercial Beautification Program is an incentive for commercial property owners to create an attractive, somewhat green space at the entrance or across the frontage of their property.
City Entrance Sign
One of the many things selected as a top priority for beautification was to have a large entrance sign at each of the 4 major entrances into Liberal. This sign is located on east U.S. 54.
Welcome sign to the City of Liberal