Conduct & Compliance

Public transportation vehicles and facilities are provided by the City of Liberal for the benefit of the City of Liberal community, visitors and the general public. All permissible use of public transportation vehicles and facilities shall be strictly limited to conduct consistent with the reasonable use and enjoyment of such services and for their safe and reliable operation.
  1. Conduct & Prohibited Behaviors
  2. Loitering
  3. Ridership Policy Compliance
  4. Suspensions & Evictions
Conduct & Prohibited Behaviors
If at any time drivers feel they are in an unsafe situation, they have the right to exercise judgment, stop the vehicle, and ask passengers to de-board or call authorities if needed. Inappropriate conduct, including behaviors which present a danger to other passengers, will not be tolerated. These include but are not limited to:
  • Arguing
  • Attempting to use of a half-fare card as a monthly pass or any other fraud with half-fare and/or passes
  • Engaging in any type of business, legal or illegal, on the bus or at a bus stop
  • Fighting
  • Harassing sexually
  • Intoxication
  • Playing loud audio devices
  • Threatening drivers or passengers
  • Using foul or derogatory language including excessive conversation
  • Anyone who poses a safety hazard to him/her or others by misplaced bodily fluids will be denied bus service. At the driver’s discretion, riders who engage in persistent inappropriate and/or dangerous behavior may be required to de-board.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the bus.
  • No other food or drink may be consumed on the bus except for medical purposes allowed by drivers.
  • No smoking is allowed within 20 feet of vehicles or 50 feet of the Liberal Transit office or garage entrance.
  • No tobacco usage or open containers, no weapons or ammunition, and no hazardous material such as car batteries, gasoline, or propane are allowed in City Bus vehicles.