Wait, Delay & Weather Policies

Pick-Up Times & Wait Policy
Passengers must be at the main entrance 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled pick up time. Drivers may also pick up 15 minutes after the scheduled time, however, they will arrive as close to the scheduled time as possible. Drivers will not wait more than 5 minutes for anyone to board the bus from the scheduled pick up time. If passengers do not board within 5 minutes, the driver will leave and will not return that day. This will be considered a No Go, and all other rides scheduled for that day will be canceled.


Due to the number of rides provided, it is not always possible for buses to run exactly on schedule. It is important to allow extra time to ensure passengers’ scheduling needs can be met.

Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather, check local radio, the bus answering machine at 620-626-0100, or the City of Liberal Facebook site for related closings. Normally, if USD 480 closes, City Bus will also be closed. However, the Liberal Transit Supervisor has the discretion to run City Bus service if USD 480 is closed. Additionally, if USD 480 does not close but the Liberal Transit Supervisor deems the weather too severe to operate safely, then operations will cease for the day in question.

City Bus vehicles are not designed for medical emergency situations (absent a natural disaster where vehicles may be used for evacuation). Transportation will not be provided in these instances. Persons having a medical emergency will be instructed to call 911 for an ambulance.