Q. Where is the Property & Evidence Section located?
A. 301 N. Washington

Q. What phone number do I call to check on my property?
A. 620-626-0161

Q. What phone number do I call to check on an impounded vehicle?
A. 620-626-0161

Q. What paperwork is needed to claim an impounded vehicle?
A. Paid tow bill, Current DL, and Current Registration/Insurance.

Q. Can a person remove items from an impounded vehicle?
A. No , but exceptions can be made for the retrieval of needed documents for release.

Q. How do I claim my property after an incident?
A. contact the Evidence section to start the process of property release.

Q. How long does the Police Department hold found property?
A. Found is only held for 90 days.

Q. How will I be notified if my property is ready to be returned?
A. Property return notification letters are mailed out explaining our procedures for claiming property.  Owners have thirty (30) days       from the date on the letter to claim property. 

Q. Why do i need in order to claim a bicycle?
A. You will need a valid photo identification ( any government-issued photo identification such as a state-issued drivers license,
     state-issued identification card, military ID, passport, ets.) your LPD case number or vivid description of your bicycle and/or    
     serial number.