Professional Standards

Because the Liberal Police Department stresses high standards of performance it has intentionally and systematically assigned a corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, and captain over each of the Operations and Investigations divisions.  Supervision and administration communicate daily to ensure the effective and accountable operations of the department.  The department documents and digitally records its operations in order to be answerable and accountable to the law, legitimate inquiries, court system, city manager or other shareholders.  The department operates in a manner of truth, legal authority and strives to reach or maintain best practices of the law enforcement profession.   

 Commending An Officer

 Any person who wishes to commend an officer or employee of the Department may do so by contacting the Office of the Chief of Police, the Office of Professional Standards, or a supervisor.   Please provide as much information as possible about the officer as well as the reason he or she should be commended. In addition, please provide your name and contact information in order to contact you if necessary (all information will be kept confidential).

The Complaint Process

           All police department members are prohibited from discouraging a complaint or concern and therefore any employee can refer you or the matter to a supervisor to initiate the process.   Every Complaint, regardless of its nature, is to be investigated in a fair and un-bias manner.  If the original complaint or concern is based on a misperception and can be resolved immediately then generally no further action is needed.  Complaints of minor violations may be assigned to members of the employee’s chain of command for investigations. Internal investigations are assigned by the Chief of Police, who is answerable to the City Manager and legal representation on behalf of the City of Liberal.  On major claims for which there may be a conflict of interest, the process may be referred to an outside agency for accountability and transparency reasons.    


            The Department strives for consistency in its application of discipline. Discipline is also in accordance with the philosophy of progressive discipline, and provides consideration for mitigating and/or aggravating factors. These include employee intent, past performance, degree of culpability, discipline history, severity of infraction or policy or standard violation, acceptance or percentage of responsibility by the employee and other relevant factors.


            Confidentiality standards will be maintained and employee rights as protected by the State of Kansas, Federal Government and City of Liberal will be practiced.  If you desire to be un-identified, the department will still strive to ensure the complaint is fully investigated and resolved.  But in legal matters, you may by law, be called to testify.

            A complaint may be made by any person, regardless of their status, including a victim who is displeased with the department or any part of the justice system. Complaints can also be made by a person being charged with a crime in regard to a performance matter, but not necessarily a matter of guilt or innocence, as this is most often a matter for the court to decide.

            All reasonable attempts will be made to have the matter fully investigated and resolved within 30 days.    

 Legal Advisory (False Complaints) 

The Liberal Police Department encourages feedback in order to improve its delivery of services whenever feasible to do so.  The department believes in accountability and therefore members of the department shall themselves be held accountable for their private and professional performance.  In doing so though, Kansas Law prohibits the making or filing of a false report as with K.S.A. 21-5824, and interference with law enforcement as with K.S.A. 21-5904.

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